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Shelter Our Shelly


Last year, Hackensack Middle School raised money to provide a larger, more adequate home for Shelly and Isador.

Team 7A's class turtles were previously housed separately in plastic tubs, with individual filters, basking platforms and heat lamps.  The setup was adequate for Isador, but was less than ideal for Shelly, due to her large size.  Her old tank left Shelly with very little room to swim and no interaction with her fellow turtle friend, Isador.  Over the course of the first 4 months of school, the students and staff at Hackensack Middle School raised enough money to provide Shelly and Isador with a new huge, happy home.  The two turtles now swim together and get lots of exercise inside the tank....gone are the days when Shelly needs to walk around the classroom to stretch her legs!

Our big new tank! Shelly and Isador swimming together

This year, Shelly's Textbook Covering Service will again be covering textbooks at the price of $1 per textbook.  The money raised this year will be used to maintain the environment that our class pets live in.  Upkeep is very expensive for aquatic species, with a single UV-B bulb costing over $40/year and the continual expense of feeding these very hungry turtles!

How can you help?  You can bring your textbook (and $1) to Room 241A to be covered and/or donate paper grocery bags to this worthy cause!

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