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Extra Credit

Each student may submit one current science news article and present it to the class each Friday for one extra credit point toward his/her marking period grade. 

(10 Fridays in a marking period = potential for 10 extra credit points toward MP grade)


  • Article must involve one of the many aspects of science (genetics, health, plants, animals, the environment, physical science, chemistry, physics, space, etc)

  • Article must be attached to a sheet of printer or construction paper.

  • typed summary must be attached to the paper holding the article, including:

    • Five or more sentences that should summarize what was read in the article in the student's own words.

    • Student's point of view or opinion on how the event affects the world and/or how it may have a positive/negative impact.

  • Source of the article and date of publication must be printed with the summary.

  • Article must be current news (printed in the past week).

Each submission will be evaluated according to a rubric.  Any work that earns lower than a 90% will not count towards extra credit.

Suggested sources:

  • Tuesday's "Science Times" section of the New York Times

  • Daily newspapers (Bergen Record, Star Ledger, Daily News, etc.)

  • Weekly magazines (Newsweek, Time, etc.)

  • Online resources:


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